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  • October 06, 2017

5 Things Friday

What your government did for you this week

Expanded Home Care Supports and Services

        Ontario is strengthening home and community care across the province for patients and their families, by increasing access to services by an estimated 2.6 million additional hours and developing new supports such as:

  • 1.5 million additional hours of personal support services, which include services such as bathing, dressing and exercising
  • 390,000 additional hours of nursing care, which includes one-on-one care from a nurse for help with things like palliative care, wound care and dressing changes
  • 110,000 additional hours of therapy, which includes speech and language therapy, occupational therapy and physiotherapy services
  • 600,000 additional hours of respite services for caregivers, such as personal  support or nursing.

The Strenghtening Protection for Ontario Consumers Act

        Ontario is introducing legislation  that would, if passed, strengthen protection for consumers making significant purchases like buying event tickets or travel services, and purchasing or selling real estate, including newly built homes. The Strengthening Protection for Ontario Consumers Act would:

  • Strengthen confidence in Ontario’s new home warranties and protections by introducing significant changes, including the creation of two administrative authorities.
  • Introduce stronger rules and professional standards in the real estate sector, including new measures to address conflict of interest issues that arise in multiple
  • Further protect consumers buying travel services, by enabling the creation of new rules for representations
  • Help prevent ticket fraud and excessive markups in the resale ticket markets

Safe Access Zones

        Ontario is protecting a woman’s right to choose and access abortion services without fear of interference, intimidation or harassment by introducing the Safe Access to Abortion Services Act, 2017. The bill would, if passed, protect the safety, security, health and privacy of women and health care providers by allowing for safe access zones to be established around clinics and facilities that offer abortion services, the homes of clinic staff, and the homes and offices of other regulated health professionals who provide these services. 


Opioid Emergency Task Force

        Ontario is establishing an Opioid Emergency Task Force that will include front-line workers and people with lived experience to strengthen the province’s coordinated response to the opioid crisis. The Task Force will ensure those closest to the crisis are providing critical insight about what is happening on the ground, to  support the province’s coordinated response to the crisis and address new challenges as they emerge. It will bring together representatives from province-wide system partners working to combat this emergency, including front-line workers in harm reduction, addiction medicine, and community-based mental health and addiction services.  


New and Expanded Hospices in Ontario

        A new program was announced this week to support the creation of new and expanded hospices across Ontario. Through this program, eligible hospices can apply for significant capital funding to supplement local fundraising efforts. This funding will help with the construction or renovation costs of more than 190 beds that will serve more than 2,000 additional  clients and their families each year.  


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